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Introducing Mon'Amie's Caribbean Flava the World! 

What is Caribbean Flava Ice? It's easier to explain what it is not! Mon'Amie's Caribbean Flava Ice is NOT a snow cone, shave ice, sherbet, nor is it gelato. Mon'Amie's Caribbean Flava Ice is creamy like the finest ice cream but is "100% Dairy Free." It is widely considered "bett'ah dan ice cream. Some people may think that Mon'Amie's Caribbean Flava Ice is similar to "Italian or Philadelphia styled Water Ice" but one taste of Mon'Amie's and those other treats pale in comparison.

We best describe Mon'Amie's Caribbean Flava Ice as the "ULTIMATE" Cold Confectionery. There is NO other taste like it. We have captured the very essence of the Caribbean, the Flava of nature's freshest fruits, the vibrant colors, the creamy texture, and the fragrance that you expect. Dare to taste our treats, less you become a Flava Fanatic!  


Mini-Mobile Unit

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Class of 2023

Happy Hour 3 to 5pm

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Party Over Here

20.23% Discount
see Store for details

Happy Hour Tues - Fri 3 to 5pm

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Dole Whip "Weekends"

Caribbean Twist


Big Wan 4 Scoops
3 Flavas

Soft Serve

There is such a variety of Flavas, toppings, and specialty items.

You will want to try them all!


gett'em a Gift Card!

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dae' gonna love you more!

Meet the Owners

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Brenda and I have been working as a wife and husband team for over 35 years. Our goal in whatever we do is to do it "as unto the Lord." Our  promise to you is our very best. We will ALWAYS strive to be better. Pleasing you is payment enough but please don't forget your debit card!

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