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Fantastic Flavas 
All Flavas are vegan friendly, dairy free, nut free, and gluten free

The Caribbean is an eclectic and multi-cultural region. In order to capture its diversity, we had to put a lot of care in selecting the names of each Flava. As we inject the "Caribbean Experience" into the cold confectionery genre, you can expect our bold Flavas to mimic the freshest fruits, you'll be amazed by the rich colors, you'll be tantilized by the creamy texture! You'll become a Flava Fanatic!

Sour Apple Row.png
Kookie Dough Row.png
Khotton Khandy Row.png
Fiesta de Horchata.png
Pina Kolada Row.png
Raggae Razzberrie Row.png
Watt'ah Melon Bay Row.png
Sangria Row.png
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